Friday, September 4

Taking Artwork from Original to Print

Entering into the print market isn't as easy as I thought. There are so many options to choose from I had to really do my research. I recommend working with a local company that scans or photographs original artwork into high resolution photos for printing. Make sure to ask for both RGB and CMYK files, depending the printer you will be glad to have both. If you're in Nashville, TN this is who I recommend:



Picture This Gallery

Digital vs. Offset vs. Giclee Printing

If you plan on printing fewer than 50 prints then it might be more cost effective to go digital. Almost anywhere will print digital images. Walgreens, Kinkos, Wolf Camera, etc. If you want a professional product, then hire a professional printing company.

I recommend Wondergraphics, I tried a hand full of printers before I made my decision to stick with them. I have been very happy and love working with the people there!

If you need to print more than 50 than go commercial and mass produce with offset printing. It's a pretty cool process. Visit for ordering information, it was a great website.

Giclee is another option for printing. If you want to give your collectors an investment than go with Giclee. The inks will last a few lifetimes and can be printed on canvas or paper. Check out for more information.

Whether you are a professional or living room artist make the best decision for you and your budget. Now that I know more about printing I feel completely prepared to make the best decision for me. Thank you to all the artists in Nashville who sent in their feedback. I really appreciate the support and wonderful suggestions!

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Denise Stewart- Sanabria said...

If you need archival prints, I'm not sure if Kinkos and Walgreens are up to that, and who knows what kind of paper they use. If you have your own archival printer (Epson is the leader in this field) you are better off doing it yourself. You can also coat any fine paper with Golden's digital ground for use for ink jet printing.