Monday, December 1

A New Direction

From the beginning I have been pursuing my artistic career on
"the gallery tract"

What this means is to create work that falls within the rules of what galleries want. For many artists, showing in galleries and acquiring representation is what we all seek. Having a show at a gallery would be an incredible accomplishment and honor for any artist. But what I've come to learn lately is that this isn't the only way.

I had to ask myself, do I want to wait for a gallery or do I want to take my business into my own hands? So with the help of Laura Sue Peters I've been introduced to the world of online selling.

It's almost 2009 and creating an online store to sell your art is so easy. Ebay opened the doors for many people to start their business online and now Etsy is famous for selling everything handmade. You can start your art career today, how awesome is that?

So what I've decided to do is stop focusing on what my art 'should be' and start focusing on what it can be. I feel so much more freedom. The first step is to go to sites like Etsy, that allows individuals to sell their craft online. It's just like any business, research your market, find your niche, produce your product and SELL!

Art should be everywhere.
It's beautiful, meaningful and just great to look at. It increases the quality of our lives.  So go make some!

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