Monday, November 24

Mockjumbies In St Croix

What is a Mockjumbie?

Mocko Jumbies have been in the Virgin Island's cultural heritage for over 200 years and can be traced to Africa as far back as the 13 centuries. The presence of the Mocko Jumbie at carnivals, parades, jump-ups, and even at a beach BBQ is a blessing and an honor. They are viewed as symbols of our history, culture, and heritage.

I saw my first Mockojumbie at a carnival in Christiansted when I lived on St Croix. I fell in love. There is nothing like the first time you see them dancing. It's so incredible. Everywhere I went I searched for some kind of momento of them, but never found what I was looking for. So I made my own Mockojumbie:

Mockojumbie 16 x 20 Paper Collage
To learn more about Mockojumbies:

Watch this video of a Mockojumbie dancing at a carnival on St Croix, USVI

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