Tuesday, May 6

New artwork at Bongo Java in East Nashville

Change Mixed Media 24 x 18

I was very new to Nashville and really wanted to get involved with the art scene, but I didn't know where to start. I saw a listing on craigslist for submitting art for auction at Fusion 2008. I thought, hey if I'm donating the art, they can't turn me down! So one Saturday afternoon I helped set up Fusion and met a very awesome person and artist, Camille Spadafino, and she asked me to join her art group!

Our art group casually meets to support one another and discusses what's going on in the arts community. Camille is the art teacher at Lockeland Design Center and organized an event titled, "Folktale Fiesta." This was Lockeland's 3rd Annual Storytelling and Arts Festival. Camille wanted the adult artist in our group to participate in showing along with her student's artwork. So my first project in the group was to create work based on the theme of "Metamorphous."

The photo above was the work I submitted. This is my interpretation of how we fight our internal battles. The fire red represents how we struggle on the inside, bottling up our emotions. The natural elements surrounding the conflict represent how we want to feel peaceful. Finding balance is the only way to control how life’s challenges will influence us daily. I couldn't stop there; I created four additional works in this series, seen below.

The students work was distributed amongst several businesses in East Nashville including Bongo Java, Art and Invention Gallery, Pied Piper Creamery, and Sweet 16th Bakery. The adult artists are all featured on the walls at Bongo Java.

So when you are in East Nashville make a point to visit all those businesses and enjoy art always. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive emails about the Arts Community in Nashville and my up and coming work!

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