Tuesday, November 8

Seven Tips to Cash in on Christmas

Of course Christmas is not just about presents, but since we do give gifts I believe they should be local, one-of-a-kind and made from the heart.

For many artists they make most of their yearly income during the holiday season. It's a lot of hard work, but it does help increase the chance that our presents under the tree do not bear the name “Made In China."

So here are seven tips that will hopefully inspire you to create and idea to increase your product sales and help spread the movement to buy local.

1. Create a Campaign
Think about your customer and come up with a promotion to get your work in their hands.  Throw a party, host an art show, sell online or rent a booth locally.  Ask yourself, "What makes your product the perfect Christmas present? Answer that question for your customers and they’ll choose you instead of the department store.

2. Make a Facebook Event
Once you make a plan, promote it!  Create a Facebook event to either invite your friends to a party, shop your store, custom order work or to set up appointments for consultations/photos shoots.  This is a great way to quickly put your plan on everyone's radar and increase the success of your campaign.

3. Send An Email
The number one tip I give artists to help their business is to create a contact list.  Connecting with your clients, friends and followers via email is a great way to make sure everyone knows about what you’re doing.  Mailchimp is a free email marketing service that sends professional email campaigns instantly.  It's easy and your contact list will definitely be impressed, adding your work to their shopping list.

4. Send Early Christmas Cards
Get out the stamps and send an early holiday card to your mailing list encouraging them to purchase your products.  It’s a long shot, but I know everyone appreciates receiving snail mail that isn’t a bill.  Use images of your products on the card and write a personal note to leave a lasting impression.

5. Reach Out
Word of mouth sometimes is the best way to promote your work.  Reach out to friends and family to find referrals.  If you’re feeling extra generous offer them a commission if they bring you a client.

6. Sell Sell Sell
Don’t forget sales is a numbers game.  The more people you reach the higher the changes are you will sale more.  Business isn’t personal, but for an artist it can be.  Try to keep your ego out of the equation and only focus on positive results.

7. Follow Through
Now that you’ve made sale, don’t forget about the details.  Give the best customer service by offering pretty packaging that supports your brand.  Make sure to always leave a business card with your work and get the clients email or mailing address for future marketing.

I hope these ideas jump start your Christmas Campaign and you’ll sell more than you’ve ever sold before.  Please share with your artist friends so more people are aware of how they can buy locally and support small businesses during this holiday season.

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