Monday, August 22

Curing the Creative Curse

Being creative is truly a gift, but it doesn't always feel that way. If you're not creative, you want to be and if you are it sometimes it just feels like a constant struggle. Everyone's heard of the "Tortured Artist" so even if we don't talk about how we really feel, it's pretty clear that it exists.

Whether you're an artist, musician, writer or an idea person creativity is a huge part of your life, I know it is for me. The dark side of the situation is that creative people many times have to deal with a lot of self doubt, insecurities and confusion. I'm determined to figure out a way to let that go and just be grateful for the gift and try to help others who suffer with similar emotions and inner conflicts.

For example when I'm working on a project there's always this little voice inside my head that tells me it's not good enough. That nagging voice takes all the joy out of everything and it must be stopped. So when I start to sense that negative energy I push it aside and focus on my progress and think back on all the positive things that have come from using my creativity. The mind is more powerful that we give it credit for and anything is possible with positive thinking.

On the flip side when I'm not working I feel guilty. I wonder why I can't come up with any good ideas and once again the negativity is back. Then one day I heard a speech about to how to think of that down time as a period of growth. We are all living creatures and just like the Earth we have our seasons. It's unrealistic to think that it's possible to produce 100% of the time, so why would we ever put that kind of pressure on ourselves?

It's not easy managing powerful ideas, but it's possible. Where would we be without Thomas Edison's light bulb? In the dark! He must have messed up thousands of times, but in the end with perseverance he prevailed. Creative people were given their gift for a reason so don't let the insecurities stand in your way, you've got a lot to offer.

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