Tuesday, March 29

Nashville Springs Into Music, Art & Fashion Events

Ever since that one day last week when we hit a high of 80 I can't stop thinking about Spring. It seems like every time April rolls around on the calender life becomes busier than ever! Sunshine and warm temperatures are wonderful, but pair that with music, art and fashion events taking place all over Nashville and you'll have a super fabulous Spring season. The best part is all of these events are using social media, so it's impossible to miss out on the fun if you're following them online.  Stay plugged into what's going on and check out the sites and upcoming event dates below.

Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival
March 29th - April 2nd
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Nashville Fashion Week
March 29th - April 2nd
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Nashville Arts
Downtown Art Crawl April 2nd
Hillsboro Village Art Walk April 7th
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Nashville Opera
Carmen, April 14th and 16th
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Should I add more?  Please send me your requests at beth@binglishART.com or leave a comment with links.  Happy Spring!

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