Monday, September 27

Retune Nashville: Behind The Art (Part 5)

It's done. Turned in and ready to go! I'm sad to let this piece go because it was so much fun and I worked really hard on it. When I turned it in I had to also write a story of how I was inspired, so I wrote it about you!

The city of Nashville was my inspiration for this piece. During the first three days of the flood it was evident that Nashville was an amazing community when the entire town came together immediately without hesitation. Since I’m not originally from Nashville, that outpouring of love was completely new to me.

I was so consumed with that love I became obsessed with the flood. For hours I would watch the news and I also collected photographs and articles from the local newspapers and magazines. I used those clippings as my background for the piece to tell the story of the flood and how we got through it together. I wanted the piece to look "flooded" so I used the donated guitar pieces "as is" to exhibit how the flood waters left them.

I wanted the artwork to be interactive as well so I installed a playable guitar on the bottom of the piece. This feature brings the audience in so close to the background that the pictures from that perspective stir up emotions that we were all feeling during the beginning of May. The playable art guitar also reminds us that even after the flood the music still goes on. So turn on the amp, pick up the slide and Retune Nashville!

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