Thursday, June 9

Mandy Cook Performs at Family Wash 6/10

Mandy Cook -- remember that name!  She is on the move in Music City and will be playing at the Family Wash on Friday, June 10th at 10 PM.  The show starts at 8:30 PM with her bass player, Mark Miller, then she will take the stage and blow you away.

Over a year ago I wrote an article featuring Mandy and thought, why not post it again to help promote this amazing female talent,  so here it is:

Yesterday I hung out with Mandy Cook, a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN, over tea and a fruit plate we passed the guitar back and forth sharing our songs. I said, "You are absolutely amazing!" She plays carefully crafted songs with beautiful chords and a voice that is unmistakable.

She has been described as, "The ghost of a vintage jazz goddess picked up a guitar and channeled the world's heartbeat."

Her approach to music is right on, "Just play and have fun." Isn't that how we all should approach life? It's one part blues, two parts jazz, and 3 parts completely her.

She plays out many nights of the week, sometimes even having two shows in one night. She says, "The more I play, the happier I am day to day. It's a part of me that it is absolutely vital to share."

To listen to her music now, visit her Myspace page or watch her on her You Tube Channel. You'll love her!  Please share and leave a comment.

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