Thursday, December 17

binglishART "Captured Music City"

Music City captured like never before:
880 photographers, 22,619 photos, 1,111,993 votes.

About this book.
Capture Music City is the most unique book project ever conceived. It started with a simple idea: lots of folks take lots of pictures of the Nashville are - many of which would be worthy of publishing in a fine-art, coffee-table book. Knowing that thousands of photos would be submitted, the question was then posed: how do we pick the best from the rest? The answer was genius. We put the editing power in the hands of the people. Local people. People that know Nashville. People just like you. Through an immersive online experience, we asked photographers, doctors, union workers, musicians, moms, right-handed people, pants-wearing folks, or anyone from any walk of like to vote for what they considered to the the photos that best capture Music City. From 22,619 photo submissions to the pages of this book, more than a million votes helped shaped what you hold in your hands. It's something that's never been done before. Publishing, by vote. Enjoy it. (text from book)

In 2007, I submitted photos to this project. I had only lived in Nashville a few months, but in those months I was discovering this city with unfamilar eyes. The photos I submitted were inspired by the natural beauty found in Nashville. In February 2008, we had over a foot of snow and I couldn't wait to get outside with my camera. It was melting fast, but I made it to Percy Warner Park and took the photo published in the book, Nashville Snow.

Nashville Snow, "Capture Music City." Page 30.

You can purchase the book at bookstores around Nashville or order online at:


Debbie in Nashville said...

I love that photograph! How exciting that it made it in the book. I will have to look for this book at the book store.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!

Beth said...

Thanks Debbie, you too! I hope your 2010 will be the best ever.