Thursday, November 5

Local Find: Interview on The Creative Jar

First tell us a little about your self - a little bio.
I love to create... painting, writing songs, playing guitar, singing and dancing. I am an artist. It is not just an occupation, but a way of being. I believe every day is an opportunity to explore my potential and I fully embrace this challenge.

I grew up in Texas, received a BBA in Marketing from UT (Longhorns not Volunteers), and studied in Paris. But it was not until I lived in the Caribbean that I discovered what I really wanted to do. I created my Caribbean Collection on St. Croix, USVI and have been creating art ever since.

When or how did you start creating?
It began with small things...redecorating my room, setting the dinner table, arranging a bouquet of flowers. I always saw the things in every day life as a canvas. It was not until college that I started taking drawing, design, and art classes.

What is your favorite thing that you have created?
Carambola, a collage I created on St. Croix of the Carambola Beach Resort. When I finished I felt completely confident that I could be a successful artist. It was the first time all my fears seemed to just disappear.

What inspires you to create?
Creating something from nothing. I’m addicted to that feeling when you can physically see and touch something that was thought up in your head. It's amazing.

Do you use recycled goods in your creations? If so what?
Yes! I use paper, magazines, and household items. I made a guitar sculpture from toilet paper rolls and a Trader Joe's mailer that turned out really cool.

And one the easiest questions where can we find your creations & more about you?
I update my facebook and twitter daily, and My website, has a portfolio of my work. I send a monthly email newsletter and you can sign up for it there.

Also do you sell in any physical locations?
The Delta City Club and The Pilkerton Building in Green Hills. I have been very successful with these two locations and they keep me very busy. I sell online on my website and through my collectors and their contacts.

Check out my interview on Jodi Reeve's blog, The Creative Jar.

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