Tuesday, September 29

Find Yourself Be Yourself

I like to watch the sunrise. The smell of coffee. Coffee mugs.

Christian television. Stretching. Smiling.
Hot showers and cold air conditioning.

Oatmeal with sugar.

Drinking green tea all day using the same bag.

Think about acting out of love.
Listen to someone complain without joining in or stopping them.

Making someone smile with a stupid joke.

Write song lyrics in my head and humming.
Think about when I'll have time to make the pictures in my head.

Dancing like a fool.
Watching TV that makes me laugh out loud.
Drinking ginger ale from a wine glass.

Eye glasses. Reading. Sleeping early.

It's hard to know yourself. It takes practice, time, and dedication. The better you know yourself the better you'll be all around. Your art will evolve to be uniquely you. Ask yourself what you like. I asked myself who I am during brief moments that make up my entire day. The sum of them is me. If you ask yourself these same questions, you might be surprised! Have a great day!

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