Thursday, June 4

The Ugly Collage

Lately I've been thinking about bringing this bad boy out. It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Maybe that's why I love it. This collage is a bird's eye view of my bedroom when I lived in St. Croix. It was about 200 SQFT, with white tile floors, and PURPLE walls. Think about it... living in a 200 SQFT purple concrete box. It drove me insane... so when insane make art! Let me explain from left to right - top to bottom:

Closet without a door:
Music gear, amps, speakers, and guitar cases. My first guitar kept out of the case, a blue Dean.

1970s wooden vanity, Bathmat, Tile in the shower.
Tile floor the only walking space and guest bedroom. Literally my cousin slept on the floor on a mat when she visited me for a week!
More music gear and a guitar. Dresser with a 13" TV. Runner. Bed.
Laudry box. More music gear, I think those wear guitar cases.
One of those wicker tables with a glass top that lays inside. AKA my night stand.
Windows without glass. They were holes in the concrete box with screens. Kept the bugs out but not the lizards!
Crazy place! It's for rent too, $400 a month and cheapest on the island. If you can handle living in Frederiksted go for it!

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