Thursday, January 22

Get off your ART - Blogs That Inspire!

I know it's hard to keep up the artist pace, but don't lose faith. You can get a little dose of inspiration everyday by subscribing to blogs that get your juices flowing.

Being an artist isn't easy, but there's tons of help out there. Here are my top two suggestions for getting started:

Art Knowledge News is a daily newletter that highlights art from all over the world. It is a very broad range of styles and centuries so there is a little bit of something for everyone. I have to admit I just look at the pictures and see what's going on. You can join by clicking the link below and signing up for emails. If you like it - let me know!

Fine Art Views is a sometimes 3x a day newletter focusing on artist advice. They have many writers so it's never boring. This one I actually spend time reading and get very useful information. They dive into the deeper thought process of what it means to be an artist... so it's not just preaching it's teaching. Click the link below and sign up for emails. Ask for Clint!

I know this will help you, whether you're a professional or amateur art always makes our lives better! Have a great day!

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