Tuesday, December 23

God's Country

God's Country 24 x 18 Paper Collage and Acrylic Paint Sold

This is a very recognizable scene of a Mississippi Delta cotton field. Every year in October the Cotton Capitol of the world, Greenwood, MS, turns into blankets of white cotton fields. It's an incredible site! Once the cotton is harvested, everywhere you go you'll see cotton flying in the wind, gathering on the street curbs. Other than cotton, Greenwood, MS is known for many other reasons:
  • Robert Johnson died and was buried just north of Greenwood in August 1938 and now has three memorial gravestones set across the county in his memory.
  • B.B. King, King of the Blues, was born near Itta Bena at Berclair in Leflore County in 1925 and initiated his career in the mid-1940s on a broadcast over Greenwood's WGRM.
  • Greenwood is one of the few places in the world where you can stand between two rivers flowing in the opposite direction: the Yazoo River and Tallahatchie River
  • The largest Bible binding plant in the nation is Norris Bookbinding located in Greenwood.
  • The establishment of Viking's hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi as a tourist destination came with the opening of The Alluvian Hotel on Howard Street in 2003. Built as a subsidiary of Viking Range, The Alluvian is a cosmopolitan boutique hotel located in the heart of historic downtown Greenwood. (facts courtesy of Wikipedia.com)

The Mississippi Delta is such a mysterious and interesting place. It feels like another planet, I guess that's why I'm so partial to it. If you're interested in Blues music or just the history of the Delta I highly recommend making it a hobby, you'll get addicted.

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