Tuesday, November 4

Formula for Success - Part 2 "It Pays to Post"

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m building my artist career from nothing and sharing with you how I’m doing it! I left off with how I began my blog and the beginning of my online adventure…

Reading Posts on Craigslist
So soon after I began, I saw an ad on Craigslist about donating art for
Fusion 2008, benefiting the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. I thought, well what do I have to lose? Helping others can only bring me good fortune. I made “Jigsaw Blues” to donate and volunteered to help set-up. While I was hanging art at the City Hall in the Gulch, I met the most amazing artist and friend, Camille. She invited me to join her art group and that one friendship has taken me very far. I am blessed to meet with other artists that inspire and encourage me so much. We hung art as a group at Bongo Java last May and were all in the Tomato Art Show together. I would have never known about these events without my group, and never would have met my group without Fusion, and never would have learned about Fusion without Craigslist. Hail Craig!

Writing Posts on Craigslist
Since I was posting ads online about once a week, an artist from Lebanon found me on Craigslist. She was hosting an art show in her studio and invited me to participate. I knew I was making progress if I was keeping busy. So I was feeling pretty good. I posted an ad on the East Nashville Listserve for that event, and made another connection! I was asked to show at the Stahlman Building for an Open House Event. From those two shows I sold some art and was making money! The hard work was finally paying off, literally.

Mark my words, it pays to post! At first I was nervous about putting it all out there for the world to see, but then did it anyway. When you have nothing to lose it’s easy.

Coming Up Next, Formula for Success Part 3 “Crossing Over from Amateur to Professional.”

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