Monday, November 10


After posting Don't Be Scared to Subscribe, It Pays to Post, and Crossing Over: Amateur to Professional, I received tons of emails with more questions! I was surprised how many "living room artists" there are asking all the same things. So here they are, your Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:Up until now I have kinda felt like I was painting all these paintings and have just been filling up the walls of my house. I have only sold a few to friends so far and I was wondering if this is what all other artists do in the beginning? I know the best thing would be to be selling so many paintings that you cant keep up with demand... but in the meantime do you sit on a large 'body of work.'

A:You're exactly right, in the beginning it only makes sense that you have a ton of work filling up your house. If you don't, you're not working enough!! It is filling up your house because you haven't decided to show it anywhere...YET! So the next step after creating your body of work is to show it... whether it's in a coffee house, bank, restaurant, or even gallery (if you're lucky enough!) The opportunities are out there, you just have to be looking for them! For example right now I just pulled these opportunities from Craigslist: Art for Auction, Holiday Art Wanted, Art for a Cafe.

The chances to show your work are out there, so start looking and be assertive! Another great blog to follow would be Art Leads, they always are posting opportunities for artists.

Q:I had read that an artist needs to have a reoccurring theme to their work. Would you agree with this? Like your signature at first glance would be the guitar... when I look at my art it seems to be all over the place. What are your thoughts on this?

A:I would say yes, an artist needs a signature look. It is you transferred into your work. At first it is hard to narrow it down. When you don't know if you like acrylics, oils, paper, canvas, wood, brushes, palette knives, whatever it will seem to be all over the place. But the more you practice your craft the easier it will be to start to notice your look. It takes years for artists to figure this out, and some never do. I love experimenting so I even feel this way. Just keep painting, drawing, and discovering who you are through your art. Be bold, take risks, and have fun. The worst art is the kind that is made without the love for creating it.

In Your Own Words...
"I have been a living room artist for a while now with friends always encouraging me to share my work. I never have done so, partly because I didn't know where to start. The other, because I wasn't sure anyone else would even be interested. All of that being said, I just thought I should say thank you for pointing me in the direction to get this off the ground and taking a risk."

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Artist Boyd Greene said...

Great artist and writer! I love the blue color, I think it might be your color.

I'm just down the road from you south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you ever need any help in Chattanooga please let me know.

Take care,
Artist Boyd Greene