Monday, November 17

Sailboat Artwork from St Croix, USVI

I made Sailing while I was living on St Croix and working on a sailboat. So I guess it's pretty clear how I was inspired.

I really got into pirates, being a pirate, dressing like pirate... I went to work with big gold earrings and a bandana. I yelled "Argghh!" and loved it!

I was particularly drawn to the sailboat in the picture because it looked so similar to The Roseway, a 137’ ORIGINAL 1925 Grand Banks private fishing schooner. It served as a Boston Harbor Pilot Boat from the 40’s to the 70’s, where she retired and joined the Windjammer Fleet. Today, after 78 years of continuous service, she is one of the last Grand Banks schooners in existence. The Roseway was available for charters and moored in the harbor next to the two 42' Catamarans I worked on, Renegade and Flyer.

I made Sailing, by cutting up pieces of magazine paper and gluing them together. That's how all my art was started, "A stack of National Geographic Magazines and lots of time."

I quit the sailboat job because I had an accident and had a concussion. So I didn't have a job and started making my artwork. I'm so happy with the outcome! That was the turning point in my art career. All I had to do was literally get knocked out in the head to realize what I was supposed to be doing with my life.
Being out in the ocean is mysterious, so I especially love the pirate's face coming through the clouds... it captures the spooky feeling of the big blue. I've learned that she has a mind of her own and is more powerful than ever imaginable -- do not ever underestimate the ocean!

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