Monday, October 13

Inspiring Artist, Jonas Gerard

Ever want to learn about stuff and don't know where to find it?  YouTube is an amazing source of information!

Last Saturday I went to YouTube to watch painters and found an amazing artist, Jonas Gerard.

He has many videos posted of his "Performance Art" which is not some weird modern dance against a canvas, but him actually painting start to finish.  He allows the music to guide him and he calls it Instinctive Painting.

I enjoyed watching his videos so much I sent him the following email:

Dear Jonas, This morning I discovered your videos on YouTube.  I didn't go to art school either, but am living in Nashville and pursuing the dream!

Watching your videos has given me something I can't really describe but it's like an energy moving me forward in a new direction! Thank you so much!

Then he wrote me back and gave me the best advice ever, "You got it.  The energy you saw on YouTube is within you as well. Do not be afraid to take big risks, let go and watch the miracles."

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