Tuesday, August 12

Caribbean Art Show on St. Croix USVI

An Art Show on a Caribbean Island?!?! It's true, I showed my artwork for the very first time at Mango Melee. The mango festival was held at the Botanical Gardens on St Croix, USVI.

I was able to show all of the work I completed on the island, 12 pieces total. It was awesome to share my point of view with the locals and tourists. I also sold necklaces that I made from shells and sea glass.

For example, this local man was pointing out that he recognized the island scene. The picture is Dorsch Beach, looking south toward Sandy Point. I lived on the beach there and wanted to make a scene that I saw everyday. You can view this beach via their webcam.

My favorite of all is the scene I did of the Carambola Beach Resort. This really was the most beautiful location on St Croix.  For more images of my island artwork please visit my website.

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