Thursday, July 31

binglishART Makes The Star Spangled Blues

Star Spangled Blues, Mixed Media - Acrylic and Paper, 36 x 24

Wow this one took forever to make! I started with acrylic paint for the red stripes and blue upper left-hand corner. I painted the Ovation Guitar headstock in white and textured the paint with my brush. Then I went over the white paint with blue. Next I tea-dyed Country Blues Guitar music, cut it, and sewed stripes together with blue jean thread on the sewing machine. Then I applied all the paper (red, blue and tea-dyed strips) by soaking them in water then pasting them on (like wall papering). Then I arranged the guitar headstocks and applied many coats of glue and varnish.

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Dimi Crowell said...

Ok, seriously...I am SO impressed! Good luck with everything!