Wednesday, July 16

How I Became An Artist

When is it a good time to stop everything you're doing and follow a dream?


But it's one of those things, either you do it or you don't. I chose to do it!
It all started when I was working on a sailboat on St Croix, USVI.

I had an accident on the boat, hit my head, had a concussion and quit my job the next day. I thought I literally had some sense knocked into me.

So then I was injured, unemployed and broke. It was the best time to decide, HEY WORLD I'm going to be an artist!

So I did it. Everyday I worked. I cut up pieces of paper (National Geographic magazines my neighbor had given me) and glued them together. I was creating my Caribbean Collection. To view the work I did on the island CLICK HERE. I also made necklaces from hemp with shells and sea glass as pendents. I sold the necklaces to tourist for $20 and played music at local beach bars.

Here we are playing a gig and wearing my necklaces! But now we're in Tennessee making the dreams come true here. I'm just glad clean water comes out of the faucet!

Here's a song I wrote about my employment experience on St Croix: It's called,

And I like it

Well I moved down to St Croix
To be a Dive Instructor.
But I didn't like it, I didn't like it.

So I waited tables.
At the Blue Moon in Frederiksted.
I didn't like it, I didn't like it.

So I became a sailor
With Big Beard's out at Buck Island.
I didn't like it, I didn't like it.

So now I am unemployed.
And I like it, I like it.

So now I can write my songs all day.
I can make my art my way.
I can play guitar and sing,
I can do anything
Cause I don't have to listen to anyone.

And I like it, I like it.

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