Thursday, July 3

Happy 4th of July

Oh the day we celebrate America... there is so much to be thankful for! Instead of popping fireworks, eating too much and getting drunk let's remember our country's history and celebrate how wonderful our freedom and opportunities are here. After that, light up a pack of Black Cats & Bottle Rockets, eat a chili cheese dog and drink a beer.

Here is my contribution to the 4th:

Country Blues, 20 x 16, Paper Collage

I'm getting into the paper collaging more and really loving my patriotic themes! I will be making more of the Old World Music/America pieces. I've also started collaging on top of a gallery size canvas so it's wall ready to hang.

I hope everyone has a great July 4th weekend! Stay safe!

Thanks for everyone who sent me messages concerning my art show - your support is amazing!

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