Monday, June 16

binglishART Makes Music History

Thank you to Suzanne Snyder for purchasing Music History!
The headstocks from left to right are: Ovation, Stella, Gibson, Dean, Takamine & Parkwood.

This collage is about our ability to live the dream in America. We can do anything and accomplish just about whatever we strive for. That's an amazing feeling!

Music History was made with a variety of paper & glue. The guitar headstocks were tea dyed paper from a Fingerpicking Country Blues Book, by Stefan Grossman. You'll find music and words from Railroad Bill & Careless Love, two great songs! Two of the headstocks have pictures of Rev. Gary Davis and Mississippi John Hurt playing guitar.

Here is a video of Mississippi John Hurt:

Video of Stefan Grossman:

Keep striving for what makes you happy! Have a great day!

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