Saturday, February 14

Promote Your Art on Facebook

I've been reading a lot online about how to increase the awareness of your art by using online social networking sites. Problem is -- they say, "Use Facebook, use Twitter, blah blah blah..." and that's it.

Ok so I know to use these sites, they're great for making friends and keeping in touch, but promoting business? How does that work? I'm going to dive right in, and dissect them for you. Let's start with Facebook.

First thing, create an account with Facebook if you don't already have one. You'll connect with friends and have lots of fun! Go to to begin.

Add your Etsy Shop to your Facebook profile
(Right click on this link and open in a new window or tab to navigate back and forth through these directions.)
To watch a video of how this works go to:
(Brought to you by

Show off your Blog on Facebook
Add a new blog, then set it up with your blog name, url, tags, and description. Your blog feed with now automatically hit Facebook! Invite your friends from Facebook to view it and start bringing in those readers!

Start A Facebook Page
This is an awesome feature. What it does is allow you to start building a network of fans through Facebook. So when you have new work or updates -- instantly email your fans with the info! You build a profile with your websites/blogs, photo albums of work, videos, etc.

Email Signatures
Make sure in your email account to set up your signature. In your signature include your email, website, blog, and other social media sites you belong to. Now anytime you email someone they'll have the information they need to learn more about what you're doing online.

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